Reasons to Choose a Re-Roof Over Complete Roof Replacement


Property owners who are in need of a replacement roof should consider the benefits of opting for a re-roof instead of a complete roof replacement. You may wonder what a re-roof is. This is a service that involves placing new asphalt shingles over an existing asphalt roof. The end result is often financial savings, but it also has other rewards. Roofers are a good resource to use for guidance if you are interested in a re-roof. Some roofs may not be ideal for a re-roof service. In other cases, property owners may think they need a new roof, but a roofing company may determine that they need a roofing repair instead.

Saving money on home improvement projects ensures property owners have capital available to do other things such as pay bills, travel or even invest it back into bathroom renovations Winnipeg. Re-roof projects can save property owners money. In many cases, they can save as much as $1,000 or more. The savings come in the form of labor and materials. A roofing company does not have to extract old roofing materials during a re-roof. This results in less labor being needed. They do not have to use many of the materials they would need to use for a complete replacement. This results in savings on material costs. Sometimes, roofing companies have to rent dumpsters to dispose of waste. Dumpsters are not usually needed for a re-roof project, which means even more savings. An exception to this would be if other renovations on the property were also taking place that required dumpsters.

Do you need more reasons to choose a re-roof project? A re-roof is good for the environment because shingles are not deposited into landfills. These projects also are considered safer. There is a reduced risk of people and pets getting injured by debris from a replacement roofing project. You can also rest assured that the surrounding trees and grass will be protected during these projects. A re-roof could make your home more energy efficient since new asphalt shingles are placed over the older shingles. This offers added insulation, which could result in your home better retaining warm or cool air. Thanks to the best buy homes company for this post.

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