Painting Will Make Your House Look Like New

Almost anyone will agree that a fresh new paint job will completely transform how your house looks and costs less than nearly any other remodeling job. Properly done, a new exterior paint job can last you for about 15 years if you use top-quality paint and apply it with care. A professional painting company should do the painting of the exterior of your home. You will know they are truly professional exterior painters if they explain that every surface must be cleaned and sanded before the paint job actually begins. A good primer should always be applied before the paint is and for the best and longest lasting results. A good painting company will insist that two coats of exterior paint be applied.

According to Finest Contractors and Plumbing Winnipeg experts, Heating, Cooling & HVAC and Heating and cooling contractor Winnipeg, Many people insist that only a professional painter can do a proper paint job on the inside of their homes. If a homeowner insists on doing their own inside painting, they should at least take some tips from expert painters if they expect to do a good job. Doing it right should take 4 days for each room that is to be painted, just like it takes the pros. The very first thing you should do is remove everything from the room. Next you should remove doors, light hardware and fixtures. Be sure to invest in a quality drop cloth or you will find paint drippings will soak through to ruin your floors when using lightweight cloth or sheets.

The next thing that needs to be done is to find and fix all nail holes, cracks and dents. You can use a lamp with a bare bulb to find minor cracks, nail holes or bumps. Be sure to use a good painter’s putty or Spackle for those little cracks and dents. Don’t try to use Spackle on wood. You will discover that is simply will not stick to the wood. Use a painter’s putty or a two-part wood filler. Use a painters tape to tape off any areas you don’t want painted. Always score the tape edge with a utility knife when removing it to avoid tearing the paint.

Good painters will always sand any surface before applying the primer, and yes, you should always apply a quality primer, and let it dry completely before you start applying paint. Always use the best quality paint and always apply two coats of paint to get the best looking job.

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