How to Improve Production

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It may seem like, as a small business owner, you have done everything possible to make your business as productive as possible.  However there are always ways that every business can become more productive and it is the duty of all small business owners to start to investigate them.  It doesn’t matter if you have eight or eighty employees there has to be a way to become more productive. Here are six quick tips that will improve production in a small business.

  1. Keep detailed records- Surprisingly many businesses do not keep records to increase production keep score. This means that you should keep a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly total of sales, production and results. That way it will be easier to keep track of successes that occur on those days.
  2. Use goal setting- Another simple one that can allow small businesses to become more productive. It will help everyone know what the results you are looking for are.
  3. See trends in business- It is important for the captain of any ship to keep track of which way the wind is blowing. This means that markets are going to change and it is important to keep track of what is hot and what is not. As the markets and landscapes change so should your methods.
  4. Motivate your staff- Each person is motivated differently but when it comes to work, money usually does the trick. Adding incentive bonuses to your staff will help them buy on to being more productive.  When your employees are more productive then so is your business.
  5. Use best practices- Experiment with the methods that come with running your business until you find the best methods to get things done. This process can be ongoing and you should continually try to improve your company’s performance. There is no need to reinvent the industry so look to what others are doing and develop a system that will work for you.
  6. Make your employees drive their cars faster getting from point a to point b in record time. Obviously this change of pace for your companies drivers brings with it it’s own set of risks so be sure to contact a Manitoba Public Insurance broker before heading down this route.
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