How to Evaluate an Employee

One of the jobs a manager of a small business has to do is to give an evaluation to all of the employees that work in their business.  This is an important process in order to help your business become much more efficient in the manner that it is run.  It is also important in the process of allowing your employees the opportunity to grow and develop as human beings within your organization.  All people working in all jobs need to be given feedback that will allow them to do things better, become more efficient or improve in some way.  The status quo, although comfortable, is not going to keep an employee at their best. People are continually moving, either they are getting better or they are getting worse and it is the purpose of the evaluation to make sure that they are getting better.

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Be Positive and Collaborative

In many systems the evaluation is dreaded because the employee views it as an organization trying to find fault with their performance and that shouldn’t be the purpose of evaluation. All people who work for you, have value or they should be released immediately.  That value should be the bulk of the conversation.  Highlighting the value that a person brings to a job and an organization is very important. All people want to be important and valued in their position.  Once this is discussed then lead the employee to look at their job performance and see where they can get better. According to best buy homes this should be a collaborative effort, meaning that no matter what they see as weaknesses, there are realistic goals that can be developed to help them become better employees.

Build a Plan

Then as a unit, there should be a performance plan developed.  Not under a threat of being fired if they don’t meet expectations, but more as an avenue for improvement in doing their job. This will give the momentum for that employee to become a better worker, sales person, or school teacher.

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