Customer Service and the Small Business

customer support tips

As the operator of a small business, the most important factor in your equation for success is the customers that come to your business each and every day.  They are the great assets that spend the money that comes into your bottom line and allows you turn a profit.  Since the consumer is the most important part of your business it is important that you spend a bit of time training each of your employees in some aspect of the customer service program.  No matter how many employees you have, teaching people to be polite and helpful to everyone associated with your business will come back to help your business grow.

The Sure Contact

It is important that all workers realize that the interaction that they are having with a customer may be the first, last or only interaction that a person will have with the company.  Approached from that point of view, it doesn’t matter what their job is, the way they treat the customer may have everything to do with how long that customer is associated with you.  One bad experience will not only drive away that customer but other potential customers that they know.  People will go out of their way to share a bad experience much more than to share a positive experience.  The interaction that your employee is having with a person is the only sure contact there will be and you had better make sure that your customer service expectations are relayed to each one of your customers.

Makes You Stand Out

Another great benefit of supplying tremendous customer service is that you will separate yourself from the crowd. If you are an interlocking brick driveways contractor, your competitors can do a lot of things, compete in pricing, compete in delivery, but they should never be able to beat you in customer service. The best that they should be able to do is equal you.  If the customer is your number one focus and providing the best experience possible for them then your small business is going to be on its way.

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